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Star Wars Vine Challenge

Star Wars Vine Challenge

May the Force be with you for this week’s Vine Challenge.

We’re calling all Star Wars fans to create Vine videos to be featured on Mashable. However, for this challenge, you must combine something from Star Wars (characters, settings or dialog) with a subject from another series or universe. Find a way to cleverly pair your multiple subjects together.

As long as you have a tie to the Star Wars universe in your mashup Vine video, you’ll qualify as a winner. Be sure to post your Vine video with the hashtag #StarWarsMashup by Tuesday, August 27 at 6 p.m. ET.

This week’s challenge is hosted by Lawrence Becker. Lawrence’s Vine videos have a distinct visual style created by combining onscreen and off-screen animation. You may have seen his Buddy the Elf posts on Vine and in previous Mashable Vine Challenges.

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