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Rare Jawa Action Figure Expected to Make a Mint

Rare Jawa Action Figure Expected to Make a Mint

An incredibly rare, mint-condition ‘Star Wars’ action figure has been spotted at auction… and it’s expected to make a mint for its lucky owners.

One of the rarest ‘Star Wars‘ figures you can find, this British-made vinyl-caped Jawa is up at auction in October… and experts believe it could fetch a rather hefty £12000 when it goes under the hammer. Not bad for an old, plastic toy.

The Jawas are known amongst ‘Star Wars’ fans as a group of hooded creatures who buy and sell droids… and it’s because of them that R2-D2 and C-3PO end up in Luke Skywalker’s possession. But what makes this rare, collectible toy quite so special?

Sadly, it’s not just any vintage Jawa that’s worth this kind of money. This particular figure was produced in Leicester by Palitoy in 1978 and features a vinyl cape which was replaced in later production runs with a cloth version. Packaged and mounted on an un-punched card, this makes the figure one of only two in existence… which is why it commands such an extraordinarily high price.

“This is one of the rarest Star Wars figures that has ever been sold,” said auctioneer Kathy Taylor of Vectis Auctions. “It is the Holy Grail for Star Wars memorabilia collectors.”

The only other example of this particular figure was sold on eBay in June for £11,300… and until this point, it was even rumoured that the figure didn’t exist at all.

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