Wednesday , 26 November 2014
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In The News

Star Wars Expanded Universe Won’t Be Canon in New Trilogy

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Contrary to previous rumors, it would appear as though Star Wars Episodes VII – IX will not be based around already existing Expanded Universe stories. In an official statement released by Lucasfilm earlier this week, the company explains that the new Star Wars trilogy will tell a different story so as to keep audiences surprised and excited. Here’s the full ... Read More »

Vote Darth Vader for Ukrainian President!

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No, this is not an April Fool’s joke. On May 25, the Ukraine will hold its presidential elections with a number of oddball candidates in the running. However, there is one candidate that we here at StarWarsy are particularly excited about. Over this past weekend, Darth Vader announced that he will be running for president of the Ukraine as a ... Read More »

‘Star Wars Rebels’: Teaser Trailers and Toy Fair!


More big news on the “Star Wars Rebels” front as two new teaser trailers for the series premiered last night on Disney XD. With a running time of about 30 seconds each, both trailers gave us a better look at the world of “Rebels” and also the motley crew of the Rebellion star ship Ghost. From the looks of it, ... Read More »

Star Wars Rebels Introduces Chopper the Astromech Droid

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Star Wars Rebels Droids in the “Star Wars” universe generally tend to be pretty reliable and loyal to their human compatriots. This, however, is not the case for Chopper, the new astromech droid to be introduced in the highly-anticipated “Star Wars Rebels” animated series. While R2-D2 is eager to please his human masters, Chopper couldn’t care less. He’s been described ... Read More »

Rumor: Pixar is Making a “Star Wars” Movie


Pixar Star Wars? Disney’s acquisition of the “Star Wars” franchise has thus far proven quite successful. With spinoff films (starring Han Solo and Boba Fett), a TV series (“Star Wars Rebels”), and Marvel comic books planned for the near future, it would appear as though Pixar is now being added to the ever-expanding list of  “Star Wars” properties. According to ... Read More »

Anthony Daniels Confirms Return as C-3PO

Anthony Daniels

Anthony Daniels Confirms Return as C-3PO Disney is hard at work getting ready to return movie fans to a galaxy far, far away. Rumors have swirled in regards to a potential cast for the new trilogy of films. Many have hinted at returns of Mark Hamill and Harrison Ford. One actor who may have just confirmed he is returning is ... Read More »

Ted Cruz Star Wars?!


Ted Cruz Star Wars?! Ted Cruz Breaks Out Star Wars Analogies 18 Hours Into His Senate Speech During the 18th hour of his speech on the Senate Floor to defund Obamacare, Texas Senator Ted Cruz received a flash of inspiration from fellow Senator Rand Paul. Read More »

The Stranger Tease: Five Theories


The ‘Stranger’ tease: Five theories about J.J. Abrams’ newest pop culture mystery… J.J. Abrams cast a meaty hook into the Web waters on Aug. 19, a teaser for a new entertainment project that we may or may not know anything about. The mystery box angler loves using this kind of bait: “Stranger” is reminiscent of his puzzling promo stuff for Super-8 or the ... Read More »